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Hello! I'm Massimo.

My journey started around the globe and I never stopped since then but in Italy I took my first steps towards logistics. IN the picture is Venice - a global commerce hub many centuries ago - and our hearts in Italy still breathe trade. 

The Next Chapter starts today..

My exposure to trade and logistics in the modern economy has been characterized by an unrelenting thirst for what is better and Industry 4.0 was born. As curiosity spiked my interest in everything digital I decided it was time to start Logistics 3.0. It is my creation and the development is my own and my close partners and colleagues that along my supply chain journey shaped what I believe is today is a necessity.

Image by Tianyi Ma

Continuous Improvement 

My Multi-Faceted Story.

Long haul trucking

My Journey

Established in 2000, My Site has been a trusted local business in the heart of San Francisco. With a passion for excellence, we have become experts in our field, providing top-notch products and services to our valued customers. Our commitment to quality craftsmanship, exceptional customer care, and continuous improvement sets us apart. We take pride in serving our community and strive to exceed their expectations. Contact us today to discover how My Site can enhance your experience and meet your needs.

My Skills & Competencies

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