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Is your Supply Chain Smart-er?

We offer specialized solution in Digital Logistics + Smart Trade.

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Elevate Customer Experience by 30%.

Intelligent Logistics & Streamline 360

"The line between disorder and order lies in logistics"

Sun Tzu

Streamline Trade.
Digitize Logistics.
Transform Networks.

Organizations today need Flexibility, Agility  

and the capacity to be Resilient.

A recent survey by Gartner, indicated that over 80% of organizations focus on improving own digital strategies in supply chain management in order to maximize customer experience (CX).

Another survey by the World Economic Forum on Macro Trends of increasing importance TODAY, indicates that nearly 70% of organizations feel the impact of supply shortages and/or rising costs of inputs on business performance.

SC Insights delivers intelligent data-driven 

digital solution that integrates data, insights, logistics strategy & process-driven innovation to produce a streamlined and easier to manage global supply chain that allows organizations to operate a faster, more economic and reliable operation in order to maximize operational excellence (OpEx) and customer experience (CX).

3.0 Data



3.0 TRADE 

Global Trade


3.0 SCM

Smart Global

Supply Chains

3.0 Process

Flexible SCM


3.0 Digital

Be Digital 

in Supply Chain 

3.0 Strategy



Why Intelligent Logistics?

Intelligent Logistics is the Advanced application of best practices. The goal is to optimize the supply chain by applying technologies, methodologies and supply chain models that improve performance. SC Insights' focus is on streamlining global supply chain chains with the use of data & analytics. What's more? The benefits of applying smart logistics to your operations can be multiple and they range from: cost reductions to better efficiency and speed, visibility and better customer experience (which produce competitive advantage for your operations). 

Our solutions are easy and simple to implement and are integrated along a unique set of components: these will scale your organization to a better fit within a digital world along the performance continuum. Smart Logistics is our method and your operational challenges are our objective. Want to learn more?  Read on in our Insights section

Top 3 Benefits that Intelligent 
Logistics can Deliver. 


Streamline Supply Chains to Gain 30% increase in efficiency*

Your capacity to improve agility and responsiveness will impact a range of different operational areas - all important to speed your responsiveness to market demands.

*Source: McKinsey


Enhance Customer Experience to Accelerate Growth

We would not be who we are without our eco-friendly design, which is at the core of our strategy. We are constantly working to improve our offerings and expand upon our capabilities when it comes to design and production. Get in touch to learn more.


Increase Operations Speed up to 10 Times Faster

We have strict standards when it comes to what we produce and never compromise on quality. This is especially true when it comes to the first-rate materials we use. Our customers deserve the highest level of products on the market, and we work tirelessly to maintain those standards.

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We Streamline With AGILE Projects!

Streamlining your
 is at the core of ALL we do.

We use a 3-Steps 
Process that 
delivers Step-up Capabilities in your Operations to elevate and accelerate your supply chain 


3D Swirl

Global Supply Chain Leaders we worked with.

I worked in Global Logistics & Supply Chain functions for Leading Manufacturing and Distribution Organizations in industries ranging from: Electronics to Medical Devices and Pharmaceuticals, Natural Health, Renewable Energy projects as well as Consumer Packaged Goods and Fashion as well as Third-Party Logistics. See below some of the biggest companies I worked with in various Global Logistics Roles.

As an outcome of my previous experience I partner with the best global trade and logistics professionals and companies and I can help you with accelerating your speed to market when you think you need a better way to have an ingrained flexibility in your supply chain so you can make the best decisions. Whether is to go global or to re-organize your supply chain more locally, I can help you.

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About SC Insights.

We are Client-Centric Experts in Intelligent Logistics.

Our goal is to craft customized smart logistics solutions that leverages our logistics and technological  expertise. Our projects-delivery methodologies are rooted in solid tools and practices that are focused on facilitating flexibility in supply chains. As a niche micro-firm, we understand our clients' needs must be met with expert advice + solid project implementation. Our focus - 100% on smart logistics technologies, tools and practices - is the product of our work across global supply chains with the support of a talented team of logistics experts and technologists.

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We Remove Challenges + Power Growth in Global Supply Chains

with Intelligent Logistics

 Simply Innovation in Logistics. 

One Focus:
The Digital
Supply Chain 

Supply chains are structured and focused on the paradigm of higher performance. As supply chains evolve there is a strict relationship between performance, data & strategy. Performance is human while data & strategy are leverage tools that augment human capacity & potential. Businesses are made by and run by people so technology becomes the 'force' to drive forward faster. Here, we assist you with digital tools, technology & strategy to perform at your highest potential. Logistics is at the heart of what we do.

We are positioned at the intersection of data, technology and logistics and this makes us highly adaptable logistics analysts. What's more we apply technology & logistics in everything we do. 

Colleagues in Hallway

WAre Digital Supply 

We are a EU Micro-Firm in Amsterdam, ready to support your organizational development with premium solutions & training development plans that are data-driven, customized to your needs as well as offering full flexibility for better fit to your company growth targets & constraints.


We are innovators in logistics and supply chain, flexible and open-minded & with 'solid' operational expertise

 Our Team Delivery System. 


Our analytical approach to clients' supply chain challenges is informed by an extensive data analysis focus.


At the core of what we do is our unwavering focus on streamlining 

operations with the aid of data and technology.


The automation of processes is at the core of a digital supply chain & here we bring tools and data to do just that.


The strategic approach 

we bring in operations is coupled by an extensive logistics and supply chain experience.

 Analytical Tools in Logistics.

Our Partners are Digital Players -like us- Specialized across the Supply Chain & Logistics Ecosystem.

Our partners are a powerhouse of knowledge in their respective niche and provide both knowhow and a real world perspective that help you power through your trajectory to digital readiness in logistics and supply chain management.

We collaborate with training, innovation and change management consulting firms across a variety of sectors.

This allows clients to perform at the top of performance barrier with real knowledge rooted in practice. That's 3.0 performance.

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Our Team Delivers
Innovation in Logistics.

We help you to navigate the supply chain ecosystem with new tools & practical methods - at the intersection of logistics & data - to accelerate your speed to performance.  

SMART Trade.
Our Added-Value Solution for the 'Intelligent' Trader.

SMART Trade 
delivers a step-up acceleration to 'Global Markets'. 



Global Supply Chains with SMART Logistics!


The Smart Logistics Discovery Call delivers a few key benefits that most entrepreneurial clients really like. The most sought-after is an assessment of your logistics competencies & skills that might help you to become a smart logistics player.         


Our Projects are targeted at removing challenges in the way your organization operate. Here, we target your biggest challenges and remove roadblocks or improve key aspects of your supply chain so you can accelerate speed to market. 


We look forward to discuss all of our clients CHALLENGES and what might be the next STEPS forward in your supply chain.


Intelligent Logistics. 

Our project managers will walk you through our leading logistics tools, best practice and tactics to accelerate the performance of your supply chain as well as reach new global markets with our international trade expertise.

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    This onboarding call allows new clients to learn how we can help with ...

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We Streamline
Mission-Critical Challenges
in Your Supply Chain.
Let's find a way forward. 

Image by Milad Fakurian

Challenge 1: Inventory Decisions

Lack of materials, back-orders, loss of customers and sales revenues make this a key element of your supply chain responsiveness to market 

demands. Our Smart Projects solution helps you to streamline and visualize your processes so you can plan better

Image by Victoriano Izquierdo

Challenge 3: Supply Chain Strategy

Global Trade, Visibility, Production Capacity and Responsiveness, Re-shoring and more play an important part in your strategy at the supply chain and logistics level

Image by Kaleidico

Challenge 5: Global Trade 

Supply chains do not operate in a vacuum - they are integrated globally so leveraging the inter-connections and the nodes that create the biggest financial impact as a by-product of efficiency is key. Minimize double-handling.

Image by Joey Kyber

Challenge 2: Process Integration

We embed new processes and templates to massively improve your ways of working and we do that by implementing an exclusive approach that we have devised based on our experience with other clients and companies. Streamline operations  = better process management.


Challenge 4: Costs in Supply Chain

One of the key criteria for developing a smarter supply chain is the time it costs to 'sit' on materials so increasing the speed of transactions is paramount. Time x Cost = Reduced Profit. Costs reduction & limited budgets makes automation, intelligence and visibility a primary concern for supply chains.

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Challenge 6: Smart Strategy

This is where smart logistics plays the biggest role. It is Automation, Data & Technology that defines the best organized supply chain systems today. do you implement automation tools and technology without a sound logistics strategy? Future demands resilient and flexible supply chains to changing customers' demands.

Image by Joshua Kettle

Our Smart Logistics Solutions
deliver Data-Driven Tactics + Strategies that will help you Uncover + Leverage Performance in your Supply Chain.

We Deliver Smart Logistics Projects.

Our full solution is broken down into 4 key modules that span the range of our competencies and capabilities in digital logistics. We reached an understanding that manufacturing and retail organizations need a easier and better set of  tools to develop supply chain capabilities so that they are not left behind by the digitization wave taking over the modern business environment. Logistics 3.0 was born.

Global Supply Chain

We run a diagnostic of your E2E supply chain so you can assess the need for performance

improvement with real data & insights. This solution is FREE for current clients who need a regular tune-up of operations.

Visualize Processes & Key Indicators. Data.

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Strategy + Change for Teams.

Our strategic approach is uniquely infused in the way we deliver solutions and services & that is our bottom line - Strategy First! Experience the difference with a FREE Discovery call.

'Be Faster' with Smart Logistics.

We apply our logistics expertise so you can perform at maximum capacity.

Your Return On Investment

Why invest in our projects?

Here are the key outputs we guarantee to deliver with our projects.  

Base Cost Saving of €30,000 for your project in year one. Our key goal is to enable an 'economic' supply chain and this is built upon deep analysis.

Access to our Methodology with 6 Tools & Best Practices. An integrated thread of methods & knowhow is reliant on a unique system that creates impact.