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Smart Logistics for Digital SC's

Smart Logistics

Some of Our Metrics

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A Few Sectors we Work With..

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  • TexWorld Evolution Paris
    TexWorld Evolution Paris
    Mon, Feb 05
    Feb 05, 2024, 9:00 a.m. – Feb 07, 2024, 9:00 a.m.
    Paris , Porte de Versailles
    Feb 05, 2024, 9:00 a.m. – Feb 07, 2024, 9:00 a.m.
    Paris , Porte de Versailles
Bicycle Chain

Supply Chain Strategy produce a System that delivers flow.

Our Strategies focus on a mix of models that are both well ingrained in supply chains as well as flexible in their modelling core. These are:

  • Customer-driven strategies

  • Core competencies strategies

  • Competitive strategies

  • Corporate strategies

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6 Tools in 1 Process Map 

Innovation in Supply Chain

Our Innovative mindset allows us to 

instil a range of practices that are pivotal to how you manage your supply chain. Our starting point is to ingrain our passion for logistics and supply chain management with a set of practices driven by design & strategy.

Analytics & Big Data

Analytical approaches within the supply chain have become the norm across best-of-breed networks. Here, we apply a strategic perspective to data & how this can impact and improve your operational efficiency as well as the scalability of the network.

Digital Logistics

Tech & Logistics create powerful 

performance that reinforce each other. We implement digital strategy & 

insights that, with our network-partner know-how & expertise , allows us to deliver best CX in how we help you to digitize your supply chain.

End-to-End Analysis

We apply optimizations end-to-end to the whole system using process modelling techniques. It is here, across your extended network, that your supply chain, with linkages across multiple tiers in your upstream and downstream network, present the biggest opportunity for improvement.

Value Chain Hierarchies

Globally organized value chains are the essence of how you deliver value. Decisions at multiple points produce ripple effects in the form of additional costs & lack of performance. We apply SCM managerial tools so you can streamline & connect your operations.

Change & Strategy

Change is a by-product of strategy and this, among other factors, can produce instability in the system under your control. Here, we plan to deliver a seamless experience into how change is managed by using solid managerial practices proven to produce results.



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Be. Digitally. Connected.
Data & Intelligence meets Business

Smart Supply Chains in a 4.0 
World economy.

A smart supply chain is digital & intelligent with automation technologies & tools at its core. The plethora of information available online is only a signal of what this trend  means to business today. Is not a revolution - is an evolution and we are there to guide you along the way. Eliminate all the jargon and you will find at the very core of this 'industrial revolution' a set of technologies that are both easy to implement and very effective in driving your efforts to a digitization trajectory that is likely to continue in the future. So start today with a suite of tools, methodologies and practices that will deliver you better integration across partners in the supply chain and a more efficient business. 

Case Study - Smart

Digital Logistics in Global Supply Chains.

How digital logistics helped to cut costs and improve customer experience. Learn the strategies, tools & the operational methodologies required to be digital.

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