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Featured Article - Unleashing the Power of Smart Manufacturing through IOT: Top 3 Benefits to Expect

Updated: Mar 23

Regardless of the industry you operate in, digitization has probably been a topic in your organizational agenda. Smart manufacturing has evolved to a state of advanced tools and processes that has attracted the attention of many manufacturers (large and small), Here are the 3 top benefits of unleashing a 'smart' approach across your manufacturing processes: 1) Improved operational efficiency, 2) Real-time monitoring and predictive maintenance, 3) Enhanced product quality and traceability. Read on to learn more the benefits and the impact of #smartmanufacturing systems in your #supplychain. Keep your knowledge up-to-date with our White Papers series and subscribe. Whether you are at the beginning of your supply chain development journey or you are at an advanced stage in your supply chain integration we can help by integrating smart logistics capabilities in your organization.


Picture: A digital ecosystem. Supply chains, like technology-embedded networks, are defined by multiple nodes and connections that must be managed and both rely on data flows.

Article Snapshot! The integration of #digitaltechnologies and #processes can impact different business and #operationalperformance areas: #logistics & #manufacturing, #supplychain #integration, business #strategy and the revenue model that company operates. The goal of industrial production based on Industry 4.0 principles is to have a "supply chain that is dynamic, optimized, controlled in real time & organized through digital interconnection" (Industrie 4.0). We intervene in this space across organizations with project methodologies and specialized partners to enable a connected supply chain.

Let's dive in: What are top 3 smart manufacturing benefits in detail? Let's analyze what this means for your organization and supply chain structure. Here, we highlight the importance of measuring the efficiency of supply chains and maximizing digital tools and approaches for supply chain resilience and reliability.

Point of reflection: What is your supply chain architecture? Is it flowing 100 per cent efficiently 24/7 or there is room for improvement? Let's start..

Benefit #1 - Improved Operational Efficiency

How standard operational efficiency can be achieved? by streamlining processes. The recent growth of efficiency through smart manufacturing and technologies, however, has accelerated this efficiency trajectory that progressive manufacturers have been so used to. Before going any deeper into this fascinating topic in digital supply chains here is a definition that align expectations & projects forward our methodologies for improvement.

"Internet of Things (IOT) is a network of connected devices that exchange data and communicate with each other"

In detail, what are some of the sub-advantages of technology-driven operational efficiency with IOT?

  • Better coordination of supply chain leveraged by the use of Big Data

  • Better processes as a result of streamlining the supply chain network

  • Better cross-organizational collaboration in extended and E2E supply chain (global)

What are you waiting for? Re-organize your supply chain and deploy better technologies that fit your requirements for a better and improved flow of products, data and information for improved decisions in an Economy 4.0.

Pictures: flow of information, data, innovation, creativity and data-driven decisions

Benefit #2 - Real-time monitoring and predictive maintenance

To gain insights into manufacturing operations, a host of data points can be accessed via actual performance data, projected capacity in terms of maximum output (100% capacity meaning we have availability to produce the maximum number of products that the manufacturing plant can produce), wastage levels and lastly procurement and manufacturing strategies that can be applied to leverage this vast amount of data available.

Our insight: automation can help your manufacturing organization to reduce costs by speeding up responsiveness to market demand and product developments by adopting a better fit to customers evolving trends.

Confused about the ocean of technologies and opportunities? we are here to help to get you digital 3.0. Our solutions are easy, user-friendly and maximize productivity with true and tested approaches in strategy, logistics and digital tools available for deployment in your organization.

Pictures: data and technology, process measurements, production lines.

"Digital is our way to future-poof our strategies." – The Smart Logistics Team

Benefit #3 - Enhanced Product Quality & Traceability

Traceability with IOT means the capability of the devices to measure various parameters (temperature, for example) across supply chains and this ties into various industry regulations strict quality requirements (for example, the monitoring of products integrity across movements throughout different states of the transportation chain). Product quality then becomes a by-product of a 'let's track' set of processes and procedures that, in some supply chains, are integral to the effective functioning of operations.

Pictures: IOT devices, technology, traceability

Our Insight - What's Next?

So here you have it. A rundown of some of the benefits of applying IOT to manufacturing activities. While supply chains comes in different shapes and sizes, technology remains a common factor to be enabled by organizations towards digitization of supply chains. We support your organizations with technological and strategic approaches that are integrated to deliver better value. Operations across the supply chain spectrum are integrated - it is called a chain for a reason - however the technological impact remains as aspect of operations that many organizations still need to discover and for those who have the digital maturity landscape of supply chains is as diverse as the range of organizational activities a supply chain must be able to perform effortlessly.

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What is left now is a high-level conversation with our specialists for what's next in your supply chain development towards digital ecosystems.

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We are always on the lookout for new trends and developing technologies in smart logistics. If you are interested to chat with us , book a discovery call or let us know how we can help you towards your evolutions to 'smart supply chains'.

About Me: I have a strong interest in anything digital. For me, the transition to smart logistics (embedding automation with digital tools and frameworks) was a logical progression in a world economy driven by Industry 4.0 (4IR) technologies. You can contact me and subscribe to upcoming content at 

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