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Featured Article - Maximizing Efficiency: Top Strategies for Optimizing Your Company's Supply Chain Processes

Our 3 top strategies are around ever important elements of data, technology & systems. Read on to learn more the benefits and the impact of #smartmanufacturing systems in your #supplychain. Keep your knowledge up-to-date with our White Papers series and subscribe. Whether you are at the beginning of your supply chain development journey or you are at an advanced stage in your supply chain integration we can help by integrating smart logistics capabilities in your organization.


Picture: A digital ecosystem. Supply chains, like technology-embedded networks, are defined by multiple nodes and connections that must be managed and both rely on data flows.

Article Snapshot! The integration of #digitaltechnologies and #processes can impact different business and #operationalperformance areas: #logistics & #manufacturing, #supplychain #integration, business #strategy and the revenue model that company operates.

Let's dive in: As our ultimate focus is logistics + analytics in your supply chain, we spend no effort in generalists concerns. Our deep know-how centred on networks, data and strategy is our driving focus and elevate the ultimate added value we deliver to your organization. Logistics is at the core of your supply chain as it coordinates all flows of materials which in turn impacts how your deliver products to your customers and it allows you to do that economically in an optimized network.

Point of reflection: is your network optimized? Is it capable of withstanding variability in demand, supply & changes due to the inherent unpredictability of supply chains? If the answer is 'not yet' then read on...

Strategy #1 - Implementing Automation and Technology Solutions to Increase Efficiency.

How standard operational efficiency can be achieved? by streamlining processes. The recent growth of efficiency through smart manufacturing and technologies, however, has accelerated this efficiency trajectory that progressive manufacturers have been so used to. Before going any deeper into this fascinating topic in digital supply chains here is a definition that align expectations & projects forward our methodologies for improvement.

"Internet of Things (IOT) is a network of connected devices that exchange data and communicate with each other"

In detail, what are some of the sub-advantages of technology-driven operational efficiency with IOT?

  • Better coordination of supply chain leveraged by the use of Big Data

  • Better processes as a result of streamlining the supply chain network

  • Better cross-organizational collaboration in extended and E2E supply chain (global)

What are you waiting for? Re-organize your supply chain and deploy better technologies that fit your requirements for a better and improved flow of products, data and information for improved decisions in an Economy 4.0.

Pictures: flow of information, data, innovation, creativity and data-driven decisions

Strategy #2 - Utilizing Data Analytics in Supply Chain to Identify Bottlenecks and Streamline Operations.

In this article we will focus on descriptive analytics (as the first stage in the analytics maturity model) while casting a light on diagnostic analytics as well. Of course all of this will be within a supply chain framework. We view simplicity at the core of what we do so here we only give you a quick range of tips to get you started in becoming a data-driven organization. As part of our personalized approach to your organizational challenges, our analytical starting point is where are the bottlenecks. Supply chains of different types and size encounter a wide variety of global chokepoints - either as the result of market demands or geopolitical events or more closely due to a mis-alignment between the required output and how the supply chain has been designed, planned and monitored. Streamlining operations then requires the application of data to evaluate the root-cause and/or the strategic alternatives to the current operational model.

Freight Efficiency: this is an area where we have developed a lot of expertise at different levels - conceptually, with experience but also analytically - as it is a niche that requires the integration of different supply chain activities as the recipient of information both upstream and downstream as well as from the heart of the supply chain (manufacturing processes). All of these have an impact on the efficiency of the freight system across any organization (large and small)

Supply chain analytics can help and our strategies for streamlining operations aided by the impact of your organizational know-how usually bring the best results. Logistics 3.0 is the answer to the smart professional. Our solutions are easy, user-friendly and maximize productivity with true and tested approaches in strategy, logistics and digital tools available for deployment in your organization.

Pictures: delays as the result of bottlenecks, our streamlining process, your supply chain.

"We go deep into your supply chain to uncover both the leverage points and the bottlenecks." – The Smart Logistics Team

Strategy #3 - Collaborating with Suppliers and Partners to Improve Coordination and Reduce Lead Times

This is a strategic element where the logistics element of the supply chain - in coordination with procurement activities upstream - can bring added value in the way plans (supply and customers' demand with inherent characteristics of customizable products - often a reality in many supply chain adding a layer of complexity) do contribute to better inter-organizational coordination. Multi-tier network (usually at least 2) adds even more complexity on the supply side as suppliers of suppliers have their own production schedules. How do you manage such an intricate system?

Pictures: our collaborative approach, your supplier network, time pressures.

Our Insight - What's Next?

So here you have it. A rundown of some of the benefits of applying IOT to manufacturing activities. While supply chains comes in different shapes and sizes, technology remains a common factor to be enabled by organizations towards digitization of supply chains. We support your organizations with technological and strategic approaches that are integrated to deliver better value. Operations across the supply chain spectrum are integrated - it is called a chain for a reason - however the technological impact remains as aspect of operations that many organizations still need to discover and for those who have the digital maturity landscape of supply chains is as diverse as the range of organizational activities a supply chain must be able to perform effortlessly.

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